Our Vision

Our School Purpose Statement

Our school purpose is to provide an engaging, challenging and safe environment where students can achieve, explore and thrive 

Our Vision 

“At Wickham Primary School our vision is to promote a positive mindset where students believe; I can learn anything, I can know anything, I can be anything, Don’t just fly, soar!”

Our Staff Beliefs

Strong, respectful relationships: 

We value the relationships we have with members of our school community, staff, students, parents/caregivers and community members 

Every child will succeed, just not at the same time:

We believe that every child has the ability to succeed and understand that each child takes a different amount of time to learn new concepts on their pathway to success

Whole School Approaches: 

We believe in and value consistent school-wide approaches that provide a platform for all students to build on from one year to the next 

Engaging for all students: 

We believe in providing a learning environment that engages and motivates all students to learn and achieve academic success


We believe in working in collaboration with our colleagues to plan and implement highly effective learning programs that provide our students the pathway to success

Every child has the right to the best education and the right to be heard: 

We strongly believe that all children have the right to be provided with the best education possible, combined with their right for their thoughts to be listened to. 

Happy Positive Environment: 

We believe in creating an environment where children feel happy and positive to come each day and learn 

Teacher Passion:

We believe that teachers and education support staff need to be passionate about their role in educating children and that passion should translate into all aspects of their role as educators.