A message from Miss Romola Brennan, Music Teacher at Wickham Primary School (WPS).

I am thrilled to be a part of the students’ learning journey in Music at WPS. I hope to provide many inspiring opportunities to the students. Music is enriching and provides special and unique experiences that the students will remember for years to come! 

Music at Wickham Primary School

Students at Wickham Primary School have a one-hour music lesson every week which allows students to participate in a range of activities including singing and movement games as well as playing a range of instruments.

There are pre school music groups each day including Hand Bells, Recorder Ensemble, African Drumming, Choir and a special performance group.

Music Curriculum at Wickham Primary School

Students will develop their Music knowledge and skills through sequential learning based on the WA Curriculum and Kodaly Teaching Method. 

Students will:

·         -Develop the confidence to be creative, innovative, thoughtful, skilful and informed musicians.

·         -Develop skills and techniques to actively listen, analyse, improvise, compose and perform music.

·         -Interpret and apply the elements of music, engaging with a diverse array of musical experiences as performers and audience members.

·         -Develop aesthetic appreciation and respect for their own and others’ music practices and traditions across different times, places, cultures and contexts.