At Wickham Primary School

Our belief is that Mathematics should not only be educative, but also fun.  The goal is for every student to fall in love with Maths whilst becoming numerate. We are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all students, where students engage in learning experiences that develop their mathematical skills and knowledge. These experiences include valuable, practical and engaging strategies that help students develop into self-motivated problem solvers. Wickham Primary School imbeds a whole school approach to the teaching of mathematics, differentiating learning based on student needs. Learning experiences are hands-on, purposeful and relevant to stimulate thought, enquiry and enjoyment. 


The Mathematics Program implemented at Wickham Primary School is Top Ten. This is a program created entirely by Australian primary teachers and Maths leaders to support teachers with the huge task of day-by-day planning for excellent math lessons. The aim is to ensure that teachers deliver engaging and high-impact math sessions at their class’ points-of-need.

Paul Swan and First Steps are other Numeracy resources that Teachers are encouraged to use to compliment Top Ten instruction, as they are hands on and allow for differentiation within a class. 

At Wickham Primary School we have introduced the use of Math Bands to encourage students developing their knowledge of basic facts, especially in the Junior Years, and multiplication knowledge in the middle to upper years. 


Assessment is integral to teaching and learning. Data drives improvement and classed based assessments and monitoring will form the basis of teacher judgements in relation to the WA curriculum. We use PAT Math, Top Ten testing, NAPLAN and on-entry to provide explicit data on strengths and weaknesses for each individual child as well as across cohorts and the whole school.  Feedback is given to students as assessment should be, and is at Wickham Primary School, educative.  Not just for assessments sake!