Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a program supported by the Western Australian Education Department and the Pilbara Educational Regional Office, to promote and maximise academic achievement and behavioural competence. It is a school wide strategy for helping all students achieve important social and learning goals. We know that when good behaviour and good teaching come together our students will excel in their learning. Wickham Primary School is proud to be part of this exciting initiative.

As part of the PBS program we have established clear rules for the behaviour we expect in all areas of our school. We have designed characters based on staff, student and community input, coming up with our High Expectations, Respect and Safety (HRS).

High Expectations, Respect and Safety

We are explicitly teaching those expectations to the students and reward them frequently with positive praise, tokens and prizes for their great behaviour.

The expectations for all student behaviour is clearly taught through our lesson schedule, including procedures for the playground areas, canteen and classrooms. We believe that by helping students practice good behaviour, we will build a school community where all students have an environment where they can succeed and grow.