School Dentist

The School Dental Service provides a free and continuing dental service for each enrolled school child extending to approved high school years. The School Dental Bus visits Wickham Primary School once a year (Times may vary and will be advised).  Alternatively, the dental service is available at the Dental Therapy Centre’s located on site at Karratha primary School and Baynton West Primary School.

Dental Therapy Centres are staffed by dental therapists and dental assistants and are supervised by dentists with the School Dental Service.

Each enrolled child is taught the proper care of teeth and gums.  Preventive treatments including the application of fluoride preparations to the teeth and protective coverings to permanent teeth are provided when required.

The treatment provided may include injections of local anaesthetics to allow painless drilling of the teeth prior to the placing of appropriate permanent or temporary fillings.  Badly decayed teeth may have the nerves treated before fillings are placed.  X-rays are used for diagnostic purposes only.  The parent/guardian will be informed of any extractions before they take place. 

Opening Hours

The Dental Therapy Centre is open on Monday to Friday 7.30am – 3.30pm (closed school holidays).

Telephone: 9143 1666

For more information, visit